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ACCEPT is a framework for neurodiversity-affirming therapy based on three pillars: Understanding, Communication, and Connection. The ACCEPT Series provides unique spaces for neurodivergent people to meet, explore their identities, unpack myths about their brains and nervous systems, connect with other neurodivergent people, and build skills to navigate a neurotypical world. All ACCEPT workshops and programs are based on the ACCEPT Framework.

The ACCEPT framework embodies a paradigm shift, from seeing neurodivergence as a disorder to seeing it as a difference. Using the ACCEPT framework to put this new paradigm into practice, we can co-create a world where neurodivergence is normal. This Framework underpins all of Scattergram’s programs and services for neurodivergent youth and adults and for mental health professionals seeking training and supervision.

I would like to share this paradigm shift with you today so that you leave knowing what it means to shift our thinking from disorder to difference, to be neurodiversity-affirming, and how we can use modified DBT to build skills in self-regulation that enable social participation.

What You’ll learn


Understand your neurodivergent operating system (NDOS)


Communicate assertively and effectively across neurotypes


Connect with broader neurodiversity-affirming communities and narratives

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Wendy McGuire MSW, RSW, PhD Registered Social Worker Wendy McGuire MSW, RSW, PhD Registered Social Worker

Hi, My name is Wendy McGuire and I am the founder and clinical director of Scattergram Counselling and Consulting. Scattergram is a virtual, interdisciplinary, group practice based out of Toronto, Canada, that provides neurodiversity-affirming therapy to neurodivergent youth and adults. My mission in building this practice is to build capacity for neurodiversity affirming therapy through direct service and by training mental health care providers in my trademarked ACCEPT Program™.

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